But you have a touhous (ass in Hebrew) and a dick, who rules them all?


First thing, we started as friends, it was cool but it was all pretending…
Boy meets boy, the story is well-known. Boy likes boy, so far so good, boy doesn’t answer on the texts of the other boy. So, now, what’s wrong? Ok, guyz out there I know all of you that you are waiting for the white knight but did you let this man work his thing properly?
I went to a bar, I fancy the bartender, I went like four times, I know I broke the rule, I saw black clouds in the sky and the bartender vividly enter…my house. So I let him in, I let him sleep, I have a beard, I am bored, so passive or active? Are you out of your mind? You let me do the work so in the end all I get is this? he dumped me, we just jerked out and then he left.
On the other hand, normal guy meets normal guy, he is after him, he gets into his pants, they are having fun, he fucks him really hard, he likes it really hard, they are happy together but ok, they just don’t listen the same music, and then the “gurl” of the situation calls it a day and he never answers back again. The knight on this point obviously he lost his guidance, the Knight sais to himself, I am a man, so I have to hunt, so I hunted him and I still wonder why he doesn’t want that anymore? He remind himself that actually he is a guy. No, his just cannot decide.
So guys out there. I know that some of you, you like it in your ass, others you like it on your dick, some of you you are versatile (totally normal I’ve done it) but would you please decide what your mind wants? I am a man in the mind, I started all alone, running errands doing the flowers thing but at some point I get bored and I want the other to continue wanting me, so in the end we come both on the same place, love or whatever you give a name and we call it a day. But please when you want someone can you hold on this for a little while? and If you don’t want him please explain before you go. And for those who are a-sexuals you both have dicks and you both may use it, it could be the sensitive way, it could be the hard way, it could be your way, you have a body, you should use it. I am not desperate I am just bored of people don’t know what they want. Remember that the simple way is the only way.

people they continue give me hard time. On Thursday I kissed an unknown person right outside of the tube station because he asked me to. this means that people out there they need intimacy which is something that all of us has forget, your dick it’s a dick it’s what your dog has too but you don’t have to put it somewhere higher than your mind ( I am sure that your dog doesn’t like duh!). People do things for other people, to get these people, to know each other people, stop trying to raise your low self esteam by doing sex and nothing else cause this by the time is running out.
And now I don’t know If I tell this to myself or to you.
I have a selfesteam I am the one that gets lost in the way but I always explain when I have to go.