Today,all day same thing in my ming,why leave?
I made a list.
I don’t like making lists,actually I hate it.
But I did.
Because this time is serious stuff.
1.I have a dream.In my dream I speak english,I think english, but I kiss like french and I am clean as the Ionian sea.
2.I am bored of meeting the same people,watching the same attitude.
3.I want to work on what I’ve studied.
4.Music language,I never became a fun of Balkan music.
5.Spread my feathers and fly.
6.Sleep eleven o’clock in the night because I am not capable of keep my eyes open.
7.Work in the day,study in the night,read before I sleep.Running all day.
8.Eating at “EAT.”.
9.English cheap books,international writers.
etc. etc. etc.
there are not enough.