Christophe Honore est une magnifique maestro.
This is the french phrase I would like to start with. I watched tonight his new movie “Beloved” staring  Chiara Mastroianni and Catherine Deneuve.

There are a few little people in the world who can succeed such a mess in a film and though in the end you will end up crying, because the movie is about love. Honore once again manages to show us and explain all the complicity of the species of love through a musical attempt. The story is so tragic but the songs lights up the whole, eventually, in the right moments. I’ve never seen anything like this before that catches my senses and it is a truly catholic or for-all-the-humanity story. I was speechless watching the movie eating minute by minute from my time and turn it into pure gold, like a drug that makes you want to use it more. The end was breathtaking.
Now,beside the movie, the stars have something special, except the splendid Catherine Deneuve, I have to admit that I indeed admire Mastroianni.
ImageChiara reminds me of Melina Mercouri, her face, her toes and her weist. She is less edgy but more elegant and european in a way, a more “human” version of Melina’s who I also adore her.