You called me right out of the blue, just because you thought you saw me at the store across the road from your job, but I couldn’t help but wonder how little your know me, your penniless piano player and lyricist, eating in a ridiculously expensive bistrot. I run to the shower, I came out as fast as I could, I dressed up with clothes I found hungin’ around and then I went outside, just to see my bus leaving the bus stop . Then I called you twice to give you other options, but you turned them all down. So, I waited for the next bus. The bus came, I got in, went to the metro station, a hot girl gave me her ticket, and the right moment when the metro station, and as I arrived I saw your text ordering me to go back home just because your boy was near to your job. I felt sick really. I went back home, luckily the bus came the moment I reached the ground above the metro station.
Then you called me for a chit chat, which I interrupted to tell you that I am busy and I gave you the specific time for a rendez vous, the place is always your choice. I arrived almost at twelve, just because your house was hard to find but I felt really welcomed and sweet, like we always do, like a small play for the two of us. I met the boy you share the apartment with and then you served me some red wine in a weird glass. The wine was brousko, the way I like it. I chatted with your mate while you were taking your shower, he was a really nice guy.
And then we went to your room. It was so nice to see you again, your skin is familiar to me, since the day I first met you, back when you were with another guy, now with a different one, a more sensitive one, a guy I know and I speak to sometimes but I don’t feel guilty, I never do, cause you made me this way, I am your penniless piano/lyricist player that you always forget, the bohemian way of life you could never chose cause you always work hard to get what you want, a more expensive way of life, which let me tell you even I find elegant and beautiful and worthwhile, but in your script, I don’t have to get a job, I will lose my charms that way. Well, we had sex, I told you that I think of you as if you are always by my side and it’s true, I would never get used to your existence, you are always so into your things that the only moments I catch your eyes on my face is when we are making love. But I still like you, because of your face, of your consuming neediness of me, because you’ve arrived here a long time and after two months you called me, because now you give in to the disbelief of forever and you called me! the “foreverian” guy I am. You love making love with me, my cock on your mouth, your beautiful head sodomised by my weapon and your angelic hands hard like rocks touching me everywhere, you kiss me so hard, you bite me so well that I hurt, but I fancy you and I like your bites.
After sex, you felt asleep, how common. I did too, but after a couple of hours I was full of energy again, I moved slowly to the hall, I would like not to wake you up, you’re the one that has to go to work tomorrow and I read my book, I felt calm, after half an hour I went back to our sheets and I felt asleep too. In the morning I felt alive, I hadn’t slept a full 8 hours but I was well and full of energy. We drunk our coffee, it was very nice, I laughed at you for the clothes you chose to wear and it felt like my eyes were burning you, I am afraid I am in love with you, but you would never know, because I am your almost midnight lover, doomed to be bound to you and to your grace but always so free to stay away from you, this is the most kind and liberated relationship I will ever have.

ImageCopyright: Jason W.
Editing: Virginia X.