Weird Night







Chloe from Chloe in the Sky with diamonds tagged me, and here is my list of 6 things that make me happy!

These days i am not really happy so i have to change the list and turn it into the 6 things that make me forget that i am almost depressed!

1. Music(you know i can fill this list with only this word!).

1. Meeting friends for coffee,at the college, for everything!

2. When i manage to concentrate on something, usually to finish a song and to pass the exams.

3. When my tries are rewarded.

4. The smell of his body and his kisses.

5. Being creative.

6. The feeling of calmness and security that specifically one person (is not on my side anymore) gave me(no,he is not dead,we are just separate).

+1. Because the last one is totally wrong because there are not always people on our side as the years pass on by.

 Everytime i start something new and the feeling of freedom. Also living at my own house all alone without parents (yeah,i know that these are three but i don’t give a damn,don’t mess me up with your games,i always screw them!). 

Hm… after that i don’t think is really appropriate to announce the rules of this game, please whoever wants and find this bog-game interesting answer it, otherwise enjoy your loneliness 😛